About Us

This is our founder & owner: Angela Ledtke

Angela had an idea. With a Bachelors and Masters in Theatre, Angela knew how to collaborate with others. As the daughter of an entrepreneur, she had the drive and passion to develop a niche where the diverse talents of many could come together under one roof.

With that, she opened Artique in 2009. Since then, she and her talented vendors have opened secondary locations in Aviation, Colonie and Crossgates Malls — all with the intention to spread the word about this truly “unique shopping experience.”

It’s like an in-person ETSY

Artists, crafters, artisans, makers, collectors, entrepreneurs, curators or product connoisseurs — no matter what you call us, we are a mighty fleet of small business owners, all dabbling, experimenting, thriving and contributing to a cooperative business so unique that it is hard to paint with words.

Artique is meant to be experienced!

Artique is all about sharing your talents and passion with the world. While Angela’s talents are not physical and tangible, she knew she could leverage her expertise to create something special. Much like a production in the theatre, Artique is a collaboration. The vendors enjoy working together to create products and displays that shoppers will enjoy. This makes the shopping experience thrilling and active, because it is ever-evolving. New vendors, current products, and fresh displays — we love it all! The shop selection is always changing, and together, as one family, we face new challenges in the retail world. In our co-op, vintage finds, trendy gifts, and handcrafted designs all merge together to create a truly unique shopping experience.

We are more than a retail boutique — we are a community of small local businesses. In this collective environment, we empower each other to grow, challenge each other to take risks, and support each other on our paths to success.

Both stores are conveniently located just off the I-87 Northway. If you have not stopped in yet, what are you waiting for? Come see what the buzz is about!

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